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$100 B High Value Commodity Assets Locked & Protected

Kriti Labs, a Fund II portfolio company of Pontaq, is a proprietary technology that helps various industries reduce pilferage and adulteration of high value commodity goods during transportation through their remote locking platform. This game- changing start-up manages $100 B assets annually across 120+ different locations across India.

In addition to an ARR of $6M for FY 23, Kriti Labs has recently locked in a multi-year order worth $15M and has an additional order book worth $15M for the coming year. Started in Chennai by 4 founders, Kriti Labs now has over 450 employees spread across the country. The employee count is projected to reach 1300+ by FY26.

Recognised as one of the Most Innovative Start-ups of the country, Kriti Labs is helping several industries through its patented technology. These industries range from Oil & Gas, Minerals & Chemicals, Government Utilities to Commerce Logistics and Banking sector. With a collective target market size of $6.5B just in India, there are much room to ‘lock and unlock’ value.

This innovative start-up boasts an impressive client portfolio, which includes 2 Global Fortune 500 companies. Some of the notable names among its clients are Indian Oil, BPCL, Vedanta, and Amazon. With its most recent order, Kriti Labs now set to handle 73% of the Oil & Gas supply chain of India.

Processing over 5M device updates per day, Kriti Labs is set to expand across the Logistics segment by the year end. Keeping innovation at its core, this company has 6 secured patents and 2 patents pending.

The company is currently raising $20M to achieve a revenue of $60M by FY 26 through in-house design and manufacturing of several new products and deployment of half a million devices.

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