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We specialise in unlocking value through Cross-Border Pollination.

Climate & Clean Tech (Smart Cities)

Waste :

Promoting innovation in materials and waste management, landfill, solid waste as well as enhancing responsible consumption in-line with “UNSDG 12- Responsible Consumption and Production”.

Water :

Enhancing responsible consumption, promoting the circular economy (recycling and remedial); aiding water purification, distribution, and addressing scarcity in rural and urban India, supporting “UNSDG 6- Clean Water and Sanitization”.

Energy :

Innovative tech in the field of generation, storage, distribution, management and modular roll-out of energy; tech to reduce customer bills and promote clean energy supporting “UNSDG 7- Affordable and Clean Energy”.

Transport :

Real time intelligent information to ensure efficient movement and enhanced security; tech enabling smart mobility solutions and reducing CO2 emission supporting “UNSDG 13- Climate Action”.


Payments & Digital Wallets :

API based digital banking & transaction services for consumers and corporates, in line with “UNSDG 9- Industry Innovation and Infrastructure”.

Lending & Insurance :

Tech to improve financial inclusion, to catalyse SME growth and to provide accelerated mortgage and transparency enabling “UNSDG 16- Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions”.

Investment & Wealth Management :

Holistic personalized advisory solutions, access to diverse asset classes to consumers, which is in line with “UNSDG 9- Industry Innovation and Infrastructure”.

Digital Analytics & Services :

Disrupting conventional analytics and reporting. Providing accurate and quicker analysis of data, while improving straight through processing, which is also in line with “UNSDG 9- Industry Innovation and Infrastructure”.

Regulation Tech :

Enabling regulators and businesses to reduce risk and enforce compliance at pace, in line with “UNSDG 16- Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions”.


Agri Input :

Modern cultivation practices and technology for production and processing, such as vertical farming, smart fertilizers, water conservation etc. which is in line with “UNSDG 2- Zero Hunger”.

Precision Farming : 

Cutting-edge tech applications for data collection, data analytics and increased automation in farming using IoT, drones, etc. enabling “UNSDG 12- Responsible Consumption and Production”.

Farm Business Management :

State-of-the-art technologies such as AI and Geo-tagging to enable connected and data-driven farming which is again in line with “UNSDG 12- Responsible Consumption and Production”.

Distributor :

Digital platforms to link farmers to financing, produce markets, farm inputs and rental equipment. Also includes start-ups operating on the Farm-to-Fork model. Market Linkages are enabling “UNSDG 10- Reduced Inequalities” by providing financial support to farmers.


Research & Development :

Innovative technology to improve healthcare practices, lower overall cost and improve access around overall treatment infrastructure and delivery.

Medical Technology :

Technology driven applications around the overall healthcare lifecycle – to diagnose, treat and provide patient care.

Diagnostics :

Harnessing cutting-edge data to improve patient diagnostics and companion diagnostics.

Prevention :

Devices and systems for disease prevention.