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In a significant stride towards enhancing employability skills and fostering career aspirations, we are thrilled to announce our Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) and partnership with the Karnataka Skill Development Corporation (KSDC).

This collaboration marks the initiation of our AI-driven communicative English programme, ‘Tara,’ aimed at empowering young adults in Karnataka. We are proud to contribute to the educational landscape and play a role in shaping the future of our country’s workforce.

The ‘Tara’ programme is designed to not only impart essential language skills but also to nurture soft skills vital for professional success. As we strive to bridge the gap between education and industry requirements, this initiative aligns seamlessly with the employability skills and career aspirations of the youth.

We look forward to a fruitful partnership with KSDC, working alongside esteemed individuals such as Ved Mani Tiwari and Ashwin Gowda. Their dedication to skill development aligns with our vision of creating a positive impact on a larger scale.

Our heartfelt gratitude goes to Kumar Anurag Pratap, Surbhi Rattan, and Capgemini for their instrumental role in facilitating and supporting this partnership. It’s collaborations like these that pave the way for innovation, empowerment, and progress.

Together, we embark on a journey to empower the youth of Karnataka, providing them with the tools and skills necessary to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of the professional world. We are confident that this collaboration will not only contribute to individual growth but also to the overall development of the region.

As we move forward, we remain committed to making a lasting impact and creating opportunities that pave the way for a brighter and more empowered tomorrow.