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In a groundbreaking move,, the renowned Lucknow-based FinTech startup, has announced a strategic partnership with the Software Technology Parks of India (STPI). This collaboration is set to reshape the landscape of the financial services industry, marking a significant milestone in the journey of towards innovation and growth.

Expressing gratitude for the unwavering support received, acknowledges STPI’s pivotal role in fostering innovation and backing startups. This partnership stands as a testament to the commitment of both entities to drive transformative change in the financial technology sector.

The Rise of A FinTech Trailblazer

Established in 2018, has swiftly risen to prominence as a leading AI-driven credit-led Neo-Bank catering to small business owners. The company has earned the trust of numerous esteemed lending partners, banking institutions, and financial entities. Currently incubated at the STPI FinBlue Centre of Entrepreneurship (CoE) in Chennai, is positioned at the forefront of FinTech evolution.

STPI FinBlue CoE: Nurturing FinTech Innovation

The STPI FinBlue CoE is a pioneering initiative by the Software Technology Parks of India, situated in Chennai. Dedicated to empowering FinTech startups, this center provides a holistic ecosystem of resources, including mentoring, technology support, and crucial funding. Through its incubation facility, FinBlue offers an integrated program designed to facilitate the scalable growth of startups in the financial technology domain.

The comprehensive support offered by the CoE includes:

  1. SandBox: Providing a testing environment for innovative ideas and solutions.
  2. Infrastructure Facility: Equipping startups with the necessary technological infrastructure.
  3. Mentorship: Offering guidance and support from experienced mentors in the industry.
  4. Monitoring: Ensuring startups receive continuous support and feedback for improvement.
  5. Funding and Investment: Facilitating access to crucial financial resources for growth and development.
  6. Other Additional Services: Offering a range of supplementary services to address specific startup needs. Redefining Financial Products and Services

As an online aggregator of financial products and services, operates on the belief that every customer’s financial needs are unique. Recognizing the diverse priorities of its clientele, the startup is revolutionizing the Indian financial products and services marketplace. By empowering users to choose and tailor services according to individual requirements, is bringing unprecedented flexibility and customization to the forefront of the industry.

Founded by Shri Ganga R. Gupta, has demonstrated its commitment to innovation through the filing of one Intellectual Property Right (IPR) and two trademarks. The startup has also contributed significantly to employment, providing opportunities to more than 30 individuals. The accolades and recognition bestowed upon underscore its impact, with the startup being selected for Phase 2 of the prestigious “Leap to Unicorn Program.”

Looking Ahead: The Transformative Journey

The partnership between and STPI marks the beginning of a transformative journey for both entities. As they collaborate to revolutionize the financial services sector, the amalgamation of’s innovative solutions and STPI’s extensive support infrastructure promises to reshape the landscape of FinTech in India.

The acknowledgment of’s success in the “Leap to Unicorn Program” indicates the startup’s potential to become a unicorn in the FinTech space. This recognition not only validates the achievements of but also highlights the significant role STPI plays in identifying and fostering such high-potential startups.

In conclusion, the and STPI partnership is a beacon of innovation in the FinTech ecosystem. By combining cutting-edge technology, tailored financial solutions, and robust support systems, this collaboration sets the stage for a new era in the financial services industry. As continues its journey as a pioneer in AI-driven finance, and STPI remains a cornerstone in nurturing entrepreneurial ventures, the future looks promising for the evolution of FinTech in India. Cheers to the transformative journey ahead!