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Microland Foundation in partnership with the Department of Education, Tamil Nadu, and Learning Matters has launched the “Reading Light – Padi Padi Padi”, a programme to enhance English proficiency in Government schools with TARA, an artificial intelligence-powered teacher that teaches communicative English, as per an official statement.

According to the statement, TARA is an intelligent combination of the best skills of human and machine teachers and is claimed to support over 2200 students in the Nilgiris and in Bengaluru.

Furthermore, the programme is launched at Gandhi Memorial Higher Secondary School (GMHSS), Thuneri in Ooty block and Panchayat Union Primary School (PUPS) and Government High School (GHS) Milidane in Kotagiri block of the Nilgiris district on December 2, 2022, it stated.

“Reading Light – Padi Padi Padi’ is a reading initiative curated to cultivate the habit of reading in students at Government schools, thereby enhancing their English proficiency,” Srinivasan TR, chief people officer, Microland Ltd said.

“The books are categorised into learning levels such that it is synchronised with class activities and the TARA programme. A collection of international and classic Indian tales, a bilingual library manual, badges, and stickers are designed to motivate students to read more and to create a sense of competition,” Raja Gopalan S, non-executive director, Microland Ltd, said.

With inputs from PTI.

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